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    Our implant surgeons have the experience and credentials you should look for when considering a Dental Implant Dentist.

    If you’re missing teeth, finding the right replacement is critical to regaining self-confidence, full dental function, and improved oral health. Northern Virginia oral surgeon Dr. Snehal Patel and his team offer implant dentistry as a comprehensive means of improving smiles.


    Dr. Patel is both a dentist and a physician, completing both his dental and medical degrees at Columbia University. Dr. Patel was also part of one of the first teams involved in CT guided dental implant placement at Columbia University.


    Dr. Jungwirth pursued his love of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery by completing an internship and residency at the Rutgers School of Dental Medicine, a program known across the country for its superb clinical training.

    Less than 1% of 704,000+ dentists worldwide are Board Certified Oral Surgeons who have earned ABOMS Diplomate credentials.

    Diplomates of the American Board of Oral Maxillofacial Surgery are among the top specialists in the world at performing implant dentistry procedures.

    american-association-oral-maxillofacial-surgeons university-of-tennessee-health-science-center-logo-1
    american-board-of-oral-maxillofacial-surgery new-york-presbytarian-university-hospital-columbia-cornell-logo
    american-academy-implant-dentistry-logo boston-university-logo
    Dr. Patel and Dr. Jungwirth are certified to provide IV Sedation to their patients.
    Be relaxed and comfortable throughout your dental implant procedure.

    Dedicated to life-long learning, Dr. Patel and Dr. Jungwirth average up to 20x the amount of continuing education credit hours required by the State of Virginia per licensing period.

    Both Dr. Patel and Dr. Jungwirth take great pride in practicing implant dentistry; they routinely perform sinus lifts, bone grafts and complex bone augmentation procedures.

    Serving the Northern Virginia area with locations in Lorton, Springfield and Mount Vernon, Virginia.

    Dr. Patel offers a wide range of dental implant procedures including single tooth implants, hybrid implant dentures, All-On-4 or 6, snap in dentures, teeth-in-an-hour, full arch implants and full mouth reconstruction.

    Dr. Patel is at the forefront of dental implant technology offering 3D Cone Beam scans for high-precision guided dental implant planning and the use of biological growth proteins to accelerate the healing of soft and hard tissue.

    Dr. Jungwirth received the Harvard Odontological Society Award for Excellence in Research.
    A leader in the field of dentistry.

    Following his dental medicine training at Harvard, Dr. Jungwirth pursued his love of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery by completing an internship and residency at the Rutgers School of Dental Medicine, a program known across the country for its superb clinical training.

    He had the opportunity to serve as Chief Resident at University Hospital while training in Newark, New Jersey. He trained in full scope Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery including implants, dentoalveolar, pathology, cosmetics, trauma, and TMJ surgery.

    Find information about dental implants below including the costs of dental implants and more.


    Snehal Patel, DDS, MD

    Click Open for more about Dr. Patel

    Dr. Patel is both a dentist and a physician, completing both his dental and medical degrees at Columbia University. He finished his residency in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York City. During his training, he participated with Healing the Children in the countries of Colombia and Ecuador treating children with cleft lips and palates. Dr. Patel was also part of one of the first teams involved in CT guided dental implant placement at Columbia University. Dr. Patel was born and raised in Philadelphia and went to Boston University for college. Dr. Patel and his wife enjoy spending time together and enjoy traveling.


    • Boston University
    • Columbia University (DDS & MD)
    • Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center



    Michael Jungwirth, DMD

    Click Open for more about Dr. Jungwirth

    Dr. Michael Jungwirth was born in Worcester, Massachusetts and grew up in Keene, New Hampshire. He graduated first in his class at the University of Tennessee with a degree in neuroscience and associate research. During his undergraduate studies Dr. Jungwirth pursued his passion for the advancement of medical science by performing molecular and cellular biology research and publishing two manuscripts. He was also awarded a Goldwater Scholarship, a C.W. Fite Fellowship for Outstanding Professional Promise, and the William Harris III Undergraduate Research Award.

    From there he attended the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, where he continued his passion for research and patient care. He received the Harvard Odontological Society Award for Excellence in Research, the Dr. Paul E. Boyle Award For Excellence in the Field of Oral Pathology, and several grants for his research on non-endothelial origin of midpalatal suture osteoblasts. Throughout his time at Harvard Dental School, Dr. Jungwirth made sure to give back to the community by serving as the treasurer for Operation Mouth Guard, an organization that provided mouth guards for underprivileged athletes. He also co-founded the Harvard School of Dental Medicine Introduction to Dentistry Course in order to inspire and guide the next generation of dental professionals.

    Following his dental medicine training, Dr. Jungwirth pursued his love of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery by completing an internship and residency at the Rutgers School of Dental Medicine, a program known across the country for its superb clinical training. He was honored to serve patients of all racial, socioeconomic, and ethnic backgrounds and make a difference in the community. He had the opportunity to serve as Chief Resident at University Hospital while training in Newark, New Jersey. He trained in full scope Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery including implants, dentoalveolar, pathology, cosmetics, trauma, and TMJ surgery.

    Dr. Jungwirth is excited to serve Northern Virginia at Lorton, Springfield & Mt Vernon Dental Implant and Oral Surgery. In his spare time, he enjoys hanging out with his family and friends, hiking, skiing and travelling.


    • University of Tennessee Health Science Center
    • Harvard School of Dental Medicine
    • Rutgers School of Dental Medicine
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    All-on-4 or 6 Dental Implants

    A minimally invasive solution with a fixed full-arch restoration for high patient satisfaction.

    We are proud to offer the widely popular “All-on-4 or 6” treatment. This procedure is an excellent choice for those patients replacing any front teeth and those who need to have several implants placed simultaneously for an extensive restoration.

    Video 01:41 | Demonstration of the life changing All-on-4 dental implant treatment concept.

    The procedure is quite straightforward. Our oral surgeon pulls out the tooth and immediately replaces it with an implant—all in the same surgery. Then, we attach a temporary bridge in the same session.

    Once the implant is correctly integrated into the bone (approximately after six months), the patient books a new appointment with a general dentist to have the final restoration placed. In this session, your general dentist will fit a permanent bridge, which is typically made of zircon. This material is strong and durable and has excellent esthetic results.

    This method has a significant advantage: it tends to be shorter than traditional implant placing treatments. Usually, the dentist first extracts the tooth and then needs to wait a few months before performing a new surgery to place the implants. Then, after this second surgery, the patient needs to wait for another three – six months before having the final restoration fitted. This “biological time” needs to be respected for successful treatment. On the other hand, with “All-on-4 or 6”, the patients save precious time skipping those months between the first and second surgeries.

    In addition to this, with “All-on-4 or 6,” patients won’t have to deal with provisional bridges. Many of you might have gone through this. No matter how good this provisional seems to be, the chances are that it will need a few visits to the office until it fits perfectly.

    How To Care For All-on-4

    We strongly advise our patients to regularly visit their general dentist’s office to have their implants checked and cleaned. They will remove the fixed restoration (bridge or crowns) and clean the implants’ abutments. Once the deep cleaning is ready, your dentist will check the implants. If everything is ok, they will screw the bridge or crowns back into the implants.

    Are You a Candidate for All-on-4 or 6?

    Patients with edentulism (toothlessness) are often eligible for the All-on-4 or 6 treatment concept. A thorough evaluation of any patient is necessary in order to choose the right treatment and to establish a predictable treatment outcome.

    Zygomatic Implants

    Zygomatic implants (attached to the cheekbone) are often a choice for patients who aren’t candidates for traditional dental implants due to severely resorbed edentulous maxilla (lack of bone mass in the upper arch).


    Photo shows maxillary prosthesis supported by 4 zygomatic implants. Medically accurate 3D illustration of human teeth and dentures.

    See pricing for All-on-4 or 6 above
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    Teeth in an Hour™

    Teeth-in-an-Hour is an innovative implant placement method that significantly shortens the time between placing implants and attaching the finished restoration. Not only does this process reduce the time frame for replacing teeth, but it ensures patients have a fully functional smile. At Lorton Springfield Dental Implant & Oral Surgery, we are committed to delivering a tooth replacement process that is simple and stress-free.

    What is Teeth-in-an-Hour?

    Although implant placement and tooth restoration occur over a very short time period, the preparation for teeth-in-an-hour takes a few weeks. Before we begin the process, we must first determine if this method is the best solution for your situation. Because prosthetics are fabricated before the placement procedure, they may need minor adjustment to guarantee a secure fit. This treatment option is available to anyone with missing teeth, whether you are an adult or senior. You can upgrade your current set of dentures to be permanently placed on implants as well.

    Video 00:49 | Our patients have discovered the secret to feeling great again with new teeth.

    We use an on-site CBCT scanner to create a virtual model of your smile, allowing us to develop a 3-D diagram of dental structures. We utilize these detailed images to develop surgical guides that show precisely where implants need to be placed. This ensures accuracy and safety during the surgical procedure. Once the titanium implants have been placed, the permanent replacement teeth are attached. Provided each step goes as planned, the whole process can take less than an hour.

    See pricing for implants above

    Am I a Good Candidate for Teeth-in-an-Hour?

    Good candidates for teeth-in-an-hour have a strong and healthy jawbone that will support implants and heal properly. If you have been missing teeth for any length of time, and have not had implants placed, there is a chance that your jawbone will have shrunk to the point where teeth-in-an-hour isn’t an ideal solution unless bone grafting is performed. At Lorton Springfield Dental Implant & Oral Surgery, we have an array of services that can restore your bone and soft tissue to optimal health, which will allow you to receive our innovative dental implant treatments.

    Schedule a Consultation Today

    At Lorton Springfield Dental Implant & Oral Surgery, we provide the best tooth replacement options available. Dr. Snehal Patel is happy to consult with you to determine if Teeth-in-an-Hour is a good fit for your tooth replacement needs. He is also available to answer any questions you may have about the procedure. Take the first step toward your most beautiful smile today and give us a call to schedule your initial consultation!

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    Restore your Smile with Implant Retained Dentures (Hybrid Dentures)

    For patients missing multiple teeth in an arch, finding an appropriate replacement can be difficult. At Lorton-Springfield Dental Implants and Oral Surgery, we provide hybrid dental implants that allow patients to enjoy the best of both dentures and dental implant restorations.

    Video 01:33 | Video describing the hybrid implant denture, which is a non-removable solution to replacing teeth in an entire jaw.

    Hybrid Dental Implants: A Smart Solution for Tooth Replacement

    Missing multiple teeth in an arch does more than impact aesthetics. Healthy teeth roots stimulate the jaw bone, stabilizing the foundation needed to keep teeth secure in the smile. When teeth are extracted or go missing, the bone slowly deteriorates through a process known as resorption.

    If left untreated, jaw resorption can cause:

    Changes in dental alignment
    Compromised bite strength
    Facial sagging
    Loosening teeth and additional tooth loss
    See pricing for Hybrid Implants for Dentures above

    Who is a Candidate for Hybrid Dental Implants?

    As treatment calls for the placement of traditional dental implants, patients are carefully evaluated to determine if they are candidates for hybrid dentures. Our goal is to conserve as much of your natural smile as possible. Our Lorton oral surgeon recommends hybrid dental implants for patients who are missing most if not all the teeth in an arch. Patients who have previously used dentures but are otherwise in good health are also excellent candidates for hybrid implant dentistry.

    Video 00:47 | “Now I can Eat Anything”! Patient testimonial about implant supported dentures from Dr. Patel.

    Click Open For More About Hybrid Implants

    Traditional dentures offer a full and affordable solution, but the long-term impact of dentures on the gums and jaw can cause significant oral health issues in the future. While dental implants certainly provide a more forward-thinking restoration, the cost of replacing multiple teeth with singular implants may not be possible for every smile.

    As a combination treatment, hybrid dental implants offer the stability and health benefits of dental implants with the coverage and ease of dentures, creating the ideal teeth replacement solution. With this treatment, minimal implant posts are strategically placed throughout the arch to support your denture.

    Once placed, patients are fit for their new full-arch teeth replacement. The restoration used with hybrid dental implants does not consist of unnecessary or bulky plastic, leaving the palate clear, compared to traditional dentures. By the end of treatment, patients are able to enjoy a fully restored, natural looking smile.

    With hybrid dental implants, patients can enjoy a long lasting tooth replacement that contributes to the longevity of their smile. For more information about this and other dental implant options in Northern Virgina, visit Lorton-Springfield Dental Implants and Oral Surgery today or schedule your complimentary dental implant consultation with our oral surgeon today.

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    Snap-In Dentures (Locator Overdentures)

    Snap-in dentures are a fantastic option for patients with multiple teeth loss. Like full dentures, they replace the entire dental arch, but the significant difference lies in the retention provided by implants.

    The implants that have been previously placed along the arch are connected to the denture through special components. Instead of housing crowns or bridges, the implants have little accessories (“abutments”), whose shape is then reproduced in the acrylic of the denture and achieving a perfect fit between both elements.

    Snap-In dentures have many advantages. They are considered to be:

    • comfortable: the retention provided by implants is solely incomparable. Better retention equals more functionality, so patients can chew, talk, and whistle without even noticing they are wearing a full denture.
    • hygienic: as they are removable, they can be easily cleaned overnight like regular dentures. This also allows a proper hygiene of the implants and the oral tissues, reducing the risk of gums disease and infections.
    • low maintenance: a yearly visit to the dental office is enough to make sure that the denture is fitting properly.
    • affordable: it represents a more economical alternative to a full-arch restoration with individual implants and their respective crowns or bridges.

    This implant-retained solution requires patients to come into their general dentist’s office for a reline appointment approximately once a year to ensure proper fit and function.

    See pricing for Snap-In Dentures above

    Enjoy your favorite foods!

    No matter what you are craving for, with your dental implants, there’s nothing to worry about. No more loose dentures or falling-off restorations: their effective osseointegration allows you to enjoy anything from sticky caramels to sweet apples!


    Photo above shows a model of false teeth (denture) and 2 dental implants to retain and support the “snap-in” denture.

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    Dental Implants Costs Price List

    **Please note, these global fees apply to patients with no insurance benefits considered. When insurance benefits are considered, these numbers reflect the maximum fee possible.**

    Implants have a global fee of $3,363, this includes socket grafting, minor GBR grafting, minor intra-socket sinus grafting (8mm or more bone), implant, all related imaging including CBCT, uncovering, restorative components, Trios imaging and surgical guide.

    Implant Global Fees:STARTING AT
    Implant Global Fee$3,363
    Patients that present for multiple implants the fees are as follows:
    2nd Implant Global Fee$3,189
    3rd or more Implant Global Fees (each)$3,019
    Emergency/Immediate Implant Global Fee
    add $361 for extraction = $3,724
    ($3,550 2nd , $3,380 3rd or more)
    Locator Overdentures:
    (“snap-in denture”)
    Locator Overdentures 2 Implant Locator Global Fee$6,224
    Locator Overdentures 4 Implant Locator Global Fee
    -Includes <5 extractions in addition to the global fee
    -5 or more extractions $2,083 in addition to the global fee
    -General Anesthesia $714 in addition to the global fee

    Full Arch Global Fees | In-House Lab:
    (All-on-4 / Hybrid / Fixed-in new teeth)
    Dental Implant Supported Hybrid Denture (per Arch)$17,500 for pmma
    $1000 to replace after one year.
    *additional $8,000 for zirconia final (total $25,500 per arch)
    *includes general dentist fees
    **Financing payment plans available starting at $165 a month.**

    These Global Fees include all: CBCT scan, consult, extractions, alveoplasty, implants and anesthesia. Also includes all restorative parts and lab technician on site.

    Cost Of Additional Procedures (If Needed)

    Open sinus grafting
    (patients with 7mm or less bone) = add $1,011 per implant site
    Anesthesia in addition to the global fee$693
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    First steps to your dental implants with Dr. Patel and Dr. Jungwirth:

    Schedule your examination
    A deposit is due when scheduling examination to reserve appointment.
    Perform your comprehensive exam
    3D CT scan (and any other x-rays as necessary) and complete review of mouth (teeth, gums, jaw bone, bite, etc).
    Review our findings and discuss your options

    Graphic illustration showing the components of a single dental implant including the titanium body, an abutment and a crown.

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    Are dental implants worth it?

    A healthy smile is a top priority for most people. It plays a key role in first impressions, and it’s considered to be a great confidence booster. Because of this, it’s no surprise that those who undergo tooth extractions, or those who lost them naturally due to trauma or dental cavities, have doubts about the future of their smile. Our mission is to offer a custom-made solution to the severe problem that tooth loss represents.

    Our team enthusiastically suggests dental implants. Although other treatments may suit more reduced budgets, like dentures and dental bridges, this option is worth considering for those looking for a complete restoration of both the function and the general aesthetics of their smile.

    Dental implants can endure forever, and also maintain the jaw structure, eliminating in this way the risk of bone resorption. No other treatment alternative for missing teeth can deliver a result as stable and durable as dental implants.

    Dental implants preserve jaw bone.

    Video 00:25 | Mandibular Jaw, bone recession after losing teeth. Medically accurate dental 3D animation shows an edentulous (lacking teeth) person after several years and the resulting changes to facial appearance with jaw bone loss.

    Dental implants are the best solution for tooth loss.

    Dental implants are the gold standard in tooth replacement options. And this is not unexpected, as they have several advantages. Patients considering implants should know that dental implants:

    maintain natural bone, eliminating the risk of future tooth loss.
    maintain jawbone structure, preventing alterations of facial aesthetics. People who suffer bone resorption tend to look older than they really are.
    have excellent aesthetics results when the restoration is completed with porcelain bridges or crowns.
    can last a lifetime. Within 8-9 months, dental implants are firmly integrated into natural bone.
    provide better functionality than dentures and regular tooth bridges. It enables the patient to eat everything from sticky candies to steak without worrying about their smile.

    Pat shares her experience getting dental implants:

    Video 01:45 |”All of a sudden I got this implant and my mouth was solid. That to me, was the most amazing thing!”

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    T3® Dental Implants

    Dental implants offer a natural looking replacement for adult teeth. In addition, implants restore functionality to the jaw, making speaking, eating and chewing easier. Most implants are comprised of a screw that is embedded into the bone, and a post, to which the prosthesis is attached.

    Biomet T3 implants are unique because the microsurface of the cone-shaped screw contains an innovative bone-bonding component. This means that implants can be placed in areas with low bone density, sparing the patient the mess and misery of wearing poorly fitting dentures. Additionally, the bone-bonding component means quicker recovery time after the implant is placed.

    Video 03:00 | T3® Implant is designed to deliver aesthetic results through tissue preservation.

    Here are some of the other benefits associated with T3 implants:

    Better oral health
    Higher success rate
    Improved self-esteem
    Long-lasting results
    Multiple 3i implants can be placed during a visit
    Natural-looking implants
    No adhesives or mess
    Prevention of bone loss and gum recession
    Sturdy, functional prosthetic teeth

    Why should I choose T3 dental implants?

    There are a wide variety of dental implants in the marketplace, but T3 have an almost unparalleled success rate. Almost 98% of T3 implants are fitted successfully and last for a lifetime. T3 implants contain a unique feature, which is embedded in the surface of the screw. Implant screws made by other companies are sprayed with calcium phosphate to enhance the bone integration process. However, T3 screws actually contain calcium phosphate, which means that delamination is less likely to occur.

    Additionally, the cone-shaped T3 screw adds precision to the placement of implants and ensures that the final prosthesis is comfortable and can withstand pressure.

    See pricing for dental implants above

    How are T3 dental implants placed?

    The procedure for placing T3 dental implants is similar to many other implant procedures. It is usually performed in two short visits, the first visit being typically an hour in length and the second taking around thirty minutes.

    After the dentist has analyzed the X-rays and diagnostic results, the implant root can be inserted. This procedure will be performed under local anesthetic, unless another type of sedation is preferred.

    Here is a step-by-step process for the first stage of a T3 dental implant placement:

    An incision will be made in the gum tissue to expose the jawbone.
    A tiny hole will be drilled into the jawbone to insert the implant into.
    The implant will be screwed or tapped into the designated position.
    A small temporary stop-cap is placed to cover the implant, and the surgical site is sutured closed.
    After approximately 10 days, the sutures will be removed and the dentist will assess the healing process.

    Generally, T3 dental implants enhance the healing process, which means that the second treatment phase can be completed around 10-12 weeks after the first.

    Here is a brief overview of what can be expected at the second appointment:

    A local anesthetic will be administered, and a tiny incision will be made to expose the prosthetic root. The temporary stop-cap will be removed and a small post or abutment will be attached to the implant.

    When the healing process is complete, the new dental prosthesis (usually a crown) will be created from bite impressions. A tiny screw will be used to secure the prosthesis onto the abutment. Any necessary adjustments will be made to ensure the prosthesis is comfortable, and the T3 dental implant will be secure for a lifetime.

    Video 01:44 | Dr. Patel often uses high-tech Trabecular™ metal dental implants.

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    3D printed surgical guides for accurate, efficient implant placement.

    A surgical guide is an extremely useful custom made appliance that helps the dentist in complex implant cases. It perfectly fits the dental arch and has marks that indicate the exact position and direction in which the implant should be placed.

    Personalizing complex surgical procedures shouldn’t be a hassle. Rather than relying on traditional surgical guides, which can take weeks to be manufactured, our offices feature 3D printing. Through this extension of guided surgery, Dr. Patel is able to take the necessary scans, upload them to CAD software, then print a precise replica of your dentition in the same day. With 3D-printed surgical guides, patients benefit from first hand treatment explanations while our oral surgeon is able to proceed with the treatment planning process in a timely manner.


    Photo shows Dr. Patel interacting with implant planning software used to create 3D printed surgical guides. This technique provides very precise placement of dental implants.

    Video 00:14 | 3D printer in the office fabricating a surgical dental implant guide. The guide is designed digitally (incorporating CBCT and digital impression), with the proposed implant position.

    Designed by our oral surgeon, Dr. Patel, this appliance has a remarkable precision and guarantees an efficient procedure.


    Photo shows two 3D printed surgical guides used for accurate dental implant placement.

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