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Dental Sedation in Northern VA

At Lorton-Springfield Dental Implants & Oral Surgery, our goal is to ensure your comfort before, during, and after surgery. To achieve this, our Lorton oral surgeon offers a number of sedation options tailored to your comfort level and upcoming procedure.

Why Choose Dental Sedation?

We know that upcoming dental surgery of any kind can be daunting. Dental sedation by our experienced oral surgeon allows patients to feel calm and comfortable throughout their procedure, reducing anxieties of undergoing surgery. As the medication tends to pleasantly dull the senses and memory, most patients who opt for sedation dentistry tend to forget the details of their treatment, making oral surgery a less intimidating process.

Video 03:15 | Did you know oral surgeons, along with an experienced anesthesia team, can perform local anesthesia, sedation anesthesia or general anesthesia in their offices? Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are highly skilled and trained specifically to administer anesthesia and care for the patient after surgery. The video features patients who experienced in-office anesthesia.

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What are My Sedation Options?

Our oral surgeon in NOVA knows that no two patients are alike – just as unique patients require different treatments, they also need unique sedation plans. At Lorton-Springfield Dental Implants & Oral Surgery, we offer a number of sedation options, each of which are personalized to your comfort level and treatment needs.


Dr. Patel and his team are committed to providing all patients with comfortable care. Call Lorton-Springfield Dental Implants & Oral Surgery today to learn more about incorporating dental sedation into upcoming surgeries.

Laughing Gas

Ideal for minimally invasive treatments, gas is inhaled through a mask that covers the nose and mouth. This mild sedative helps patients relax and often improves patient’s mood without lasting side effects. As laughing gas wears off fairly quickly when not in use, it is ideal for shorter appointments, compared to extensive oral surgeries.

Oral Conscious Sedation (Pill Sedation)

This form of sedation is taken about an hour before surgery. As dosage varies, oral conscious sedation is recommended for moderately invasive surgeries, such as wisdom teeth extraction or bone grafting. While patients remain conscious and responsive with this form of sedation, many tend to forget the particular details of their procedure, making it ideal for individuals with dental anxiety.

IV Sedation

IV-administered sedatives provide medication to help patients enter a state of deep relaxation while remaining conscious. As the medication is constantly controlled, patients can undergo extensive treatments without having to take additional doses. IV sedation is ideal for individuals with sensitive gag reflexes, severe dental anxiety, and those scheduled for complex surgery.

General Anesthesia

Offered in a hospital setting, general anesthesia is the deepest level of sedation and is recommended only in cases where complex oral and maxillofacial surgery is required. During procedures involving general anesthesia, patients are fully unconscious while a trained anesthesiologist monitors your vitals and controls dosage. After surgery, medication is used to reverse the effect of anesthesia and patients are closely monitored for any sign of adverse effect.

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