Your Diet After Your Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Your Diet After Your Wisdom Teeth Extraction featured

Some of the most common questions about wisdom teeth extraction involve recovery, especially in regards to diet and what you can and cannot eat. The good news is that your recovery from wisdom teeth extraction should last no more than a week, the not-so-good news is that you may have to refrain from eating certain foods during this time.

Your diet after surgery helps determine how fast your extraction sites heal. Foods that are easily lodged within your teeth or irritate your gums will often make your recovery longer. To help you recover as quickly as possible, keep your diet in mind as you heal.

Foods to Stay Away From

After surgery, you will want to steer clear of hard, sticky, and crunchy foods. Snacks like chips, apples, carrots, or candy get stuck in the areas where your wisdom teeth were removed. These foods also place pressure on extraction areas if you try to chew them. Since you’re unable to brush normally after surgery, you have an increased risk of infection if food particles are trapped in healing gum tissue.

Additionally, acidic foods like oranges, coffee can irritate your sensitive gums as well as the surgery site, which could prolong healing.

Foods You Can Enjoy

Soft foods are easy to chew and quick to digest. Apple sauce, oatmeal, scrambled eggs, and Jell-O are just some of the types of foods you can enjoy while you recover from surgery. When you eat soft foods, your jaw doesn’t work as hard to break them down, which means they remain in your mouth for a shorter period and don’t impose a risk of becoming lodged in the extraction site.

Think of your recovery as a chance for you to spoil yourself with foods that you don’t eat on a regular basis. Ice cream, mashed potatoes, and smoothies can make an excellent breakfast, lunch or dinner while you heal. After seven days, you can begin to eat normal foods, but it’s important to limit their consumption at first.

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