When to Visit an Oral Surgeon in Manassas

When to Visit an Oral Surgeon in Manassas

There are certain scenarios in which seeking the experience of a specialized dental professional or oral surgeon near Manassas may provide greater long-term results. Some of these scenarios include:

Impacted Tooth Extraction

Unlike a straightforward extraction where a damaged tooth is merely taken out, the extraction of an impacted tooth is a more intricate procedure. This process, skillfully performed by oral surgeons, may involve removing gum and bone tissue to expose the compromised tooth, depending on its placement and size. With the expertise of oral surgeons and the use of in-office sedation, patients can experience comfort and relaxation throughout the treatment.

Jaw Fracture or Damage

Beyond completing dental school, oral and maxillofacial surgeons are mandated to undertake supplementary courses and surgical residencies. This comprehensive training extends beyond the curriculum covered in dental school, enabling oral surgeons to acquire a profound understanding of facial anatomy. Consequently, they are well-prepared to address issues related to jaw damage and trauma. The American College of Surgeons even advocates for the involvement of an oral and maxillofacial surgeon in the treatment of severe and intricate facial trauma cases.

Bone Reinforcement Procedures

When performed correctly, procedures such as bone grafting, sinus augmentation, and ridge modification can enhance the well-being and functionality of weakening jaw bones. This, in turn, safeguards facial structure and enhances oral health. The intricate nature of advanced osseous, or bone, surgeries demands the specialized expertise that oral surgeons bring to the table.

Dental Implant Placement

The success of dental implants relies on the precise positioning of implant posts within the jawbone. The specialized training of oral surgeons gives these dental professionals an edge in ensuring the seamless integration and restoration of implants. Their extensive knowledge of the intricacies of the jaw plays a crucial role in the effective planning and implementation of dental implant procedures.

Oral Cancer Biopsies

Aside from surgical interventions, patients may be referred to an oral surgeon in the presence of oral abnormalities, which may involve benign or malignant tumors in the face or mouth. In addition to performing tissue biopsies, your oral surgeon may collaborate with an oncologist and your general dentist should oral cancer be identified, ensuring comprehensive and coordinated treatment.

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