When is a Bone Graft Necessary?

Although it sounds intimidating, receiving a bone graft is a simple procedure that has many benefits. Typically, individuals require bone grafts when their jaw isn’t in a condition to receive important oral treatments including dental implant placement, or when your gums need to be restored.

Bone Grafts Solve Oral Health Issues

After having teeth extracted or losing them through an accident, the root structure is no longer in the jaw. The jaw bone, after time, loses strength in the area where the tooth was. Called resorption, this process absorbs turns the tooth-supporting structures into nutrients for the body. If many teeth are missing or have been extracted, the whole jaw may suffer from losing strength. Your jaws may shrink as a result of oral cancer or other diseases. Bone grafting is a necessary procedure for patients to have a healthy smile again.

Shrinking jaws make the face look concave and saggy, and wrinkles form around the mouth area. This adds years to the smile. The bone graft procedures restores strength and bone density to the jaw, preparing it for further treatment.

Bone Grafts Provide a New Foundation for other Treatments

When receiving restorative treatments, or procedures that require strong bone structure, bone grafts are needed. Dental implant placement, for example, requires the bone to be a certain density and width to comfortably and safely complete the procedure. Dental implants won’t fuse with the bone properly without enough bone tissue. Bone grafts encourage new tissue growth and restore the full function of the jaw.

After wisdom teeth or regular teeth are extracted, your oral surgeon may also give patients bone grafts to inspire the bone tissue to grow into the empty space. This will protect the jaw from resorption, and ensure the gums continue to hold their natural line. This is often the first step before dental implants, bridges, or dentures are placed. In the case of wisdom teeth removal, a bone graft will aid in healing for long-term oral health.

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