Snap-On Smile vs. Permanent Implant Dentures

Snap-On Smile vs. Permanent Implant Dentures

Not only is it difficult to live with missing teeth, but it can also be hard to choose the right treatment method for the sake of your dental health. There are many restorative options available, but only one will leave you completely satisfied.

There is often a debate about temporary and permanent dental appliances and whether they are effective at maintaining oral health and quality of life. Many patients find themselves choosing between the snap-on-smile and permanent implant dentures, both of which have their benefits and drawbacks.

The Snap-On Smile

The snap-on smile was developed for patients who are looking to enhance their smile without a large expense and who want a quick and easy solution for concealing missing, crooked, or stained teeth. The procedure takes only two appointments to complete, consisting of dental impressions and the actual placement of your new teeth.

A snap-on smile is made from thin yet durable dental resin though it does not functionally correct or replace missing teeth. It’s a cosmetic alternative that allows you to smile with confidence.  Oral health and diet can remain relatively unchanged for patients, though the appliance must be removed every night. On average, a snap-on smile will last for up to two years before requiring a replacement.

Permanent Implant Dentures

Permanent implant dentures are made from porcelain and consist of a dental arch and implants that work together to create a brand-new smile. An oral surgeon will place two to six implants within the jaw which attach to a full or partial denture.

Many patients desire permanent implant dentures because of their stability. You are receiving a complete set of teeth that will not slip in your mouth as you chew or speak. Because they are permanent, there is no additional maintenance other than routine brushing and flossing.

Permanent implant dentures are bulkier and more costly than snap-on smiles, as the materials of the denture are designed to closely match the quality of natural tooth enamel. Patients who are comfortable with the additional expense and want a restoration that they can treat like their natural teeth often benefit from permanent implant dentures.

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