Am I Too Old For Dental Implants?

Am I Too Old For Dental Implants?

When it comes to a patient’s eligibility for dental implants, age is just a number. While many older patients fear they’re not good candidates, the truth is their age has little to do with determining whether or not they can receive implants and restorations. Whether you’re tired of dentures impacting your lifestyle, or you’ve had crowns and bridges replaced, dental implants have the durability and longevity to positively impact your life in a variety of ways.

Implants Are Made to Last

You may have noticed that traditional restorations such as dentures, bridges, and crowns require repair or adjustment, especially as the jaw begins to shrink and lose strength. What’s more, the care routine for bridges and dentures is never quite as simple as taking care of your natural teeth. Fortunately, dental implants can last over 25 years with proper care and require nothing more than regular dental visits and proper brushing and flossing.

What Do I Need to Obtain Implants?

The main non-age related concern when placing implants is the amount of healthy bone capable of supporting the implant. A dental implant is secured to the jawbone, but without sufficient bone, there is a higher risk of the dental implant failing. Additionally, it’s recommended that patients have healthy gum tissue, free of periodontal disease, ensuring the longevity of the implant prosthesis.

In the instance where a patient does not have sufficient jawbone, your oral surgeon can perform bone grafting, which allows a patient to rebuild lost bone and will allow for implant placement when the tissues have healed. When infection threatens the success of this procedure, patients are provided antibiotics and additional treatments to re-establish oral health. With grafts and periodontal treatment, it may take some time for the smile to be ready for implants. The benefits to oral health and function far outweigh the time and financial costs required to complete dental implant treatment.

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No matter your age, dental implants can dramatically improve your quality of life by providing a durable and strong tooth replacement option that mimics the beauty of your natural teeth. For complete dental implant treatment, visit Dr. Snehal Patel of Lorton Springfield Dental Implant and Oral Surgery, your Northern Virginia implant specialist. 703-436-4633