3D Printing

3D Printing

In recent years, modern dentistry has sought to incorporate new developing technologies into current treatment options as a means of improving treatment outcomes and patient satisfaction. At Lorton Springfield Dental Implants and Oral Surgery, one way we encourage better treatment results is through the use of 3D printing to create personalized surgical guides for dental implant treatments.

Why Use 3D Printing

Proper implant placement is critical to the longevity of dental implants. While it is possible to place implants without surgical guides, the traditional process of implant placement comes with higher risks, including implant failure.

To help ensure successful implant treatment, most experienced oral surgeons will use panoramic and CBCT imaging to create 3D digital models of the dentition and generate computerized surgical guides. However, there are certain drawbacks to this technology. As guides must be physically made in a lab, use of surgical guides can add time to the overall treatment. The cost of surgical guides also increases the cost of overall implant treatment, making it potentially prohibitive to certain patients.

3D printing presents patients with the opportunity to enjoy high quality implant placement without these traditional guide limitations. Similar to traditional surgical guides, 3D printed guides are customized based on advanced imaging and modelling. However, rather than having to wait for a lab to manufacture the final surgical guides, Lorton Springfield Dental Implants and Oral Surgery has in-office 3D printers, allowing our team to generate precise replicas of your jaw in our office quickly and efficiently.

At Lorton Springfield Dental Implants and Oral Surgery, our goal is to ensure patients are in full control of their treatment from start to finish. With this precise replica, Dr. Patel is able to walk patients through their treatment and give them a realistic perspective of their prospective results.

To learn more about this treatment option, we encourage dental implant patients to call and schedule their implant consultation with our Lorton oral surgeon today.