Ridge Preservation

Lorton & Springfield, Virginia

Although it may be ideal to maintain your natural teeth for a lifetime, it’s not always a possibility. Trauma, disease, and poor oral hygiene can lead to one or more teeth falling out earlier than you might expect. Additional teeth may also need to be extracted if it means saving the health of the rest of your smile. However, it’s crucial to retain as much of your natural jawbone as possible.

At Lorton-Springfield Dental Implants & Oral Surgery, Dr. Patel uses a ridge preservation bone graft to maintain the strength of your jawbone. Once the bone graft has healed thoroughly, you can take the next steps toward permanently restoring your missing teeth.

Why Is Ridge Preservation Necessary?

Also known as socket preservation, ridge preservation allows you to receive dental implants. If your teeth have been missing for some time, it’s possible that your jawbone has begun to atrophy, which minimizes the chances of your implants being effective.
Before beginning your implant procedure, Dr. Patel will perform a ridge preservation bone graft that restores the jaw bone density in the socket. This pre-emptive procedure will allow you to receive dental implants if atrophy has occurred.

Ridge Preservation Treatment in Lorton & Springfield

During your appointment, Dr. Patel will examine your teeth and measure the density of your jawbone using CBCT and digital scanners. If your jawbone is too soft, he will suggest a bone graft to add volume to your jaw and create a custom treatment plan that details the extent of your implant surgery.

Once Dr. Patel extracts your tooth, he will pack the empty socket with a bone grafting material and cover it with sutures. After several months, new bone will begin to grow and replace the graft.

It’s essential that you receive dental implants after your jawbone has healed, as the graft will not permanently maintain the structure of your teeth. Typically, dental implants are placed four to twelve months after ridge preservation has taken place. It is also possible to perform bone grafting on the same day as an extraction to make the treatment process as efficient as possible.

Ridge preservation treatment will undoubtedly lengthen your treatment time for dental implants, but it will guarantee that your new teeth will be healthy and long-lasting.

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