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How to Get an Oral Surgery Referral
How to Get an Oral Surgery Referral featured

For major surgical procedures, it’s important to see a specialist in the field in order to receive the best care possible. However, if you’ve been notified by your general dentist that a wisdom tooth extraction is necessary, or that dental implants are the chosen treatment to replace missing teeth in your smile.

In order to see an oral surgeon, and to ensure collaboration between them and your general dentist for further treatment, a referral is recommended. But how do you get an oral surgery referral?

Speak to Your General Dentist

As the only professional who can provide a referral for a dental specialist, speaking to them first can give you better insight as to what to expect when visiting an oral surgery practice. Most times, general dentists have a network of local specialists who they can refer you to if you have extensive procedures that need to be done. Once they’ve gone over what to expect from treatment and provided you with contact information or have scheduled a consultation at the specialist’s office, you can move forward by attending that visit and receive the care you need.

Contact Specialists in Your Area or Insurance Network

On the chance your general dentist does not have a connection to the type of specialist you require, independent research can help you to find a specialist’s contact information. Your general dentist can take the time to contact their practice to determine if they would be an ideal option for you.

If you find that many of the recommendations are far from your local area, take a look online to see who is in your general vicinity. This can be easily done through your insurance network provider if their website has a database you can use. You can do your own research and see any reviews left by previous patients. Your dentist can then provide a referral and you can schedule visit yourself or have them contact the specialist’s practice for you.

A referral to see an oral surgeon is the recommended method of receiving a consultation for your specific oral surgery procedure. This collaboration between dentist and specialists can make transferring over x-rays and other medical documents easy and provide interdisciplinary treatment so that your oral health is taken care of.

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