Do Implants Stop Bone Resorption?

Do Implants Stop Bone Resorption?

Missing teeth in the smile cause a variety of issues besides creating gaps in your smile. The jaw bone requires teeth to stay dense and to keep the facial structure intact. Once they are lost, bone volume gradually decreases. At Lorton-Springfield Oral & Implant Surgery, we offer implant placement and bone grafting procedures to restore the jawbone. However, there is a misconception that implant placement alone will stop bone resorption. Below we detail the benefits of implants and how they do not stop resorption but slow it.

Benefits of Implants

Compared to traditional methods of replacing teeth such as dentures, partials, and fixed bridges, dental implants are the only treatment method that replaces both the tooth root and crown. As posts are bio-compatible, they integrate with existing jaw bone to create a stable foundation for implant restorations. Whether you’re missing just one or a full arch of teeth, implants and implant restorations replace them without the need to alter healthy ones or the application of denture adhesives.

How Implants Slow Bone Resorption

As implant posts are placed into the jaw, they effectively replace the missing tooth roots needed to retain jaw bone density. However, the longer a tooth is lost the amount of jaw bone density is diminished. Using digital imaging and CT Scans, our oral surgeons can determine whether you require additional bone grafting procedures. The inserted implant posts keep existing jaw bone from depleting at an advanced rate, but bone grafting is the only way to replace and restore jaw bone volume density.

Long-Term Benefits of Implants and Bone Grafting Compared to Dentures

Dentures have long been a solution to replace missing teeth and restore patient’s smile function. Unfortunately, dentures sit on top of the jaw and do not slow the process of depletion.

Implants and bone grafting offer a long-lasting solution. Even if you’re only missing a few teeth, this treatment can have a positive impact on the health of your jaw and your smile. Implant posts replace teeth preventing the shifting of alignment, and bone grafts strengthen existing bone tissue.

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